About me

Hi there about me, well lets see. 
These are the things that I Love !

I Love summer, the warm nights, 
I Love a Big Sky with large puffy white clouds, It can take my breath away
I Love my husband, I love my children, I Love watching them grow and 
change into who God wants them to be. 
I Love music, I like to play it loud and sing at the top of my lungs, 
I Love to dance, ( and often times if you come to a dinner party at 
my house we will DANCE !! I Love to do that ) I Love to draw  I am an 
artist first and formost !
I Love to watch a good movie that cuts to the core and touches my heart.
I Love to read good books and God's word.
At the end of a long busy day I Love to climb into my own bed and just
breath deep ..
I Love God !!

I want to share with you why I Love photography
Because Life is busy it can be crazy and It goes by way to fast.
Pictures document the moments in your life that you want to hold on to forever.
With out something tangible like a photo that captures that moment in time
all you have is a memory . But with an image you can see and then remember that time and place that is so long gone. :)

 I look forward to hearing from you! 


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