Welcome to Yvonne Maclean Photography

Welcome to Yvonne Maclean Photography!  I take photos for fun and love taking pics of my horses.  

All digital prints will automatically download to your email address following payment.  If you want all the pictures of one competitor from a single event -this normally works out an economical way for you to gain all the pictures and memories from the day whilst supporting charity at the same time. Please select all your prints from a single event (they may be across several albums),  when you get to check out, select "pay by cheque"  and I will send you a paypal request for the money, once payment has been made, all your pics are available to download and you will get an email to confirm this.

We have also recently started offering printed pictures mounted with a professional finish.  We offer a number of sizes but only for a limited time after the album goes online.

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Featured Albums

EGS Show 2022
August 6, 2022
RRC Summer Show 2022
Ross-shire EGS Youngstock Show
July 9, 2022
RRC Arena Event 2022
June 12, 2022
RRC back to basics 2022 Sarah's camera
RRC back to basics 2022
Protected Album
Country Girls UK Polo Day
April 23, 2022
Protected Album
Sarah's "The Country Girls UK" Photo Shoot
November 20, 2021
Protected Album
September 13, 2021

Get in Touch

If you want to book a private photo session for you and your horse or have me come along to one of your training sessions or shows, then please get in touch.