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Hello! we're Caroline & Karl, and we're the very proud 'parents' of weLOVEphotography. We're super happy to have captured memories for thousands of happy families since we opened back in 2010 (where did that time go!) and we hope you like what you see here, so we can meet you and your lovely family too!

 Why choose weLOVEphotography?

If you LOVE photographs that capture real moments, natural expressions and real personality (and you enjoy having fun together as a family) then you'll LOVE our style of photoshoot, and you'll feel right at home in our family friendly studio 
 Our natural style shoots make it easy for the camera-shy!

We're so happy to have become the 'go to' studio for anyone who's a little shy of the camera, and it's been proven many times to work really well for children with autism too  Word has spread that our shoots are fun & relaxed, and rather than 'posing' our main goal is to help you forget the camera's even there! We encourage you to look at each other, not the camera, and it's amazing how quickly everyone relaxes once they're focused on the people they love the most. Just play and cuddle with little ones, and joke around with older ones and you'll soon feel right at home - it's such a great feeling when we see everyone relax and just enjoy spending family time together. These are the magic moments, the natural moments... and it's our job (and complete pleasure) to capture them for you. 

 We make family portraits fun!

We've found that most families also need a few more traditional style 'family portraits' that are more 'face on' to send to family members who might not understand the more natural style. So we've come up with a way of making this really easy for you! We just quickly ask you to look at the camera every now and then, so it happens in amongst all the fun you're having - so much better than endless awkward posing and saying cheese! And the moments we capture are so much more meaningful too - real smiles and real connection - these are gifts your family will be so happy to receive  

♥ Capture your Baby's First Year in 3 memorable stages!

We're all about capturing stories, and there's none better than your Baby's First Year  They change so quickly from that tiny, curled up newborn stage & somehow - before you know it - they're suddenly one year old and walking! ♥ Of all the memories we've captured, the ones our families treasure the most are the baby ones! We capture  beautiful bump  natural newborn  six months & mighty! and  fun to be one! Our goal for each is the same - as well as capturing your baby's natural beauty, we're looking to capture those moments of love, connection and personality that make each stage unique and memorable. We LOVE to include family, siblings and pets too for part of the shoot - let us know and we'll have a good chat to see if you'd prefer focus to be on family, or mostly on baby, or a balance of both  

♥ Why family fun works best...

In a family shoot we naturally capture a whole mix of different groupings, from full family, to pairs, to siblings then onto solos. We can comfortably say after ten years of refining our shoot style, that the key to a really enjoyable and successful shoot is to start with the family all together, so they know they're in a happy safe place, then they relax and let their true personalities out. This is when they're at their most confident and ready to take over for the rest of the shoot! Our goal always is to capture their mighty spirit and unique personality, as well as their natural beauty - and if we can capture their curiosity, quirkiness and expressions you love, then that's even better 

♥But... just the kids (or kids & pets) can be great fun too!

If you're really not keen on being in front of the camera, please do still come along to share the experience together as a family - your kids will be so much happier with you there, and you'll be very much needed behind the camera to pull faces and make them laugh! There are even creative shots that mean parts of you are in the photo, but not all of you (like baby sat at your feet, or over your shoulder, or you each holding little ones hands as they walk/jump - we love all these more quirky moments!). Bring their favourite things so they feel at home, and can play with them in the shoot, and they'll be just fine  please don't forget to bring snacks! 

 Please bring your pets - they're family too!

Pets LOVE to join in on the family fun! We're not a studio that expects little ones - human or furry - to sit still, so don't worry that your dog might be a little over excited! We've been lucky enough to photograph many hundreds of dogs of all different breeds and sizes, and pretty much all of them have run about for a while excitedly exploring their new surroundings, before deciding they'd rather join in on the fun you're having - which is when we capture you all together! This does make for an entertaining shoot - and some very funny moments! Some dogs are just pure cheese though - you can keep asking them not to look at the camera, but they just won't listen...! Top Tip: do remember to bring snacks with you, or we'll get lots of shots of dog's bottom! Other pets are welcome too, we've photographed parrots, bearded dragons, guinea pigs, rabbits and a giant norwegian forest cat! Not all animals are keen on a strange environment though, so please only bring very confident pets, and best chat with us first to check.

 Booking with a Photoshoot Experience Voucher...

Once you've decided you'd LOVE us to capture your family story, then all you need to do next is buy your Photoshoot Voucher, register it... and we'll be in touch to book you in! We'll also have a good chat about your shoot, give you tonnes of advice and answer all your questions too!

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